About us

We are a new Church plant in the Sunninghill area.

We are a part of His People Church Joburg, which is one Church meeting in different locations.

We currently have 13  congregations across Joburg that are seeing thousands of lives changed through the power of the gospel. God is continuously reaching out to this great city and our response is a renewed thrust of making new disciples and planting vibrant churches.

The kind of Church that we are building is:

  1. Radical
  2. Because God loved us first,  we live our lives in love and obedience to Him. Its this great love that we have experience that we want the world to know.
    Matthew 22vs37,39 | John 14vs15

  3. Disciple making
  4. We believe that the priority of the New Testament Church is to make new disciples who in turn make new disciples. We believe that discipleship happens best through life transforming relationships.

    Matthew 28vs19,20 | 2 Tim 2vs2

  5. Impacting
  6. We are constantly  finding creative ways that we can use our gifts, talents and generosity to be a practical blessing to the communities in and around the northern suburbs of Johannesburg.

    Matthew 5vs14-16

  7. Reproducing
  8. We are growing a movement of people focused on taking the mission of God into every area of society. We want to plant Churches that raise up these kind of people that reach cities and change the world.

    Acts 17v6 | Acts 1vs8